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We at Satori like to think about your challenges a little differently. While solving your immediate concern, we give you the building blocks to tackle future issues leveraging the investments you have already made. Explore how Satori enables you to look beyond the problems of today to begin solving the challenges of tomorrow.
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(6min) Learn how Satori's solutions and services have helped clients Budget & Forecast with ease and reduce time needed to create Financial Reports; enabling them to do more with less.
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Established in 2001, Satori Group, Inc. focuses on delivering end-to-end Corporate Performance Management solutions built upon proCube™, a powerful, in-memory OLAP Business Intelligence platform that allows organizations to deploy CPM and BI applications via Microsoft Excel, proCube™ Web, or custom interfaces built utilizing the open API. To reduce the time to delivery, Satori Group, Inc. provides organizations with solution templates for planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, management reporting, and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards as well as specific solutions for insurance, legal, retail, wholesale & distribution, business services, and project-focused businesses. Satori Group, Inc.'s consulting & services team provides strategic planning, project management, implementation, and on-going support for Data services such as Master Data Management (MDM), Data Integration, Operational Data Store creation, Specialty Application Data Mart creation, and BI vendor selection and deployment.

proCube™ - The flag ship product of Satori Group, Inc. is a powerful, in-memory OLAP Business Intelligence platform. Built with read & write integration with Microsoft Excel, the most ubiquitously used financial tool in the world, proCube™ allows organizations to develop and deploy BI & BPM/CPM solutions utilizing a familiar user interface, thus minimizing training needs and the time to benefit. These applications easily provide an ROI in terms of reduced man hours for tasks such as budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting & analytics.

Satori Group, Inc. released the latest version, proCube™ V8, in April 2010. This iteration, utilizes revolutionary querying techniques that allow it to pull data faster than ever before, is optimized to deploy on a 64-bit platform, and adopts the Microsoft ribbon toolbar design.

proCube™ Web – As the html rendering of proCube™, proCube™ Web provides you a web based reporting and analytics interface to your data. This tool is particularly helpful for geographically de-centralized organizations that need many people to be able to "slice & dice" the same data.

proCube™ Publisher – Do not spend hours putting together and distributing reports every month. Design your report once and allow proCube™ Publisher to publish the report each month for you. proCube™ Publisher can post the reports to a folder or email them directly to the key stakeholders in your organization.

As our core competency, Satori Group, Inc. has well established methodologies, solution expertise, and a dedicated team of professionals that can provide you an end-to-end solution that will solve your specific BI or CPM/BPM challenge. Utilizing our experience and expertise, Satori Group, Inc has developed solution templates for common challenges that allow organizations the benefit of vertical expertise and reduced time to delivery of their solution.

Satori™ Budgeting – Spreadsheets are turbo-charged to allow your organization to easily streamline the collection & roll-up of budget information from all aspects of your business allowing your top executives the ability to drill through to the details of what will be driving their business throughout the next year. This communication from the "frontlines" can give key decision makers insight into the business and make a strategic plan to navigate the business in a positive direction.

Satori™ Forecasting – Visibility into how the business is trending, is imperative in helping top level executives to be proactive about changes in the business or economic climate. Drawing on this information instantaneously from your business data, can give you the edge to make quick decisions based on facts versus your gut.

Satori™ Financial Reporting – So much of your finance department's resources are used by the task of gathering and creating the same reports each month. With Satori™ Financial Reporting, you can design your reports once and the data will automatically be filtered throughout the reports as the data becomes available. Thus allowing your finance department the time and tools to provide valuable analysis that could ultimately save your organization money or find new avenues of revenue.

Satori™ Dashboards – Visual communication is a powerful way to relay your strategic plan throughout your organization. Giving people a role relevant dashboard allows them to see how they are contributing against the KPIs that are important to your organization.

Insurance – ExperiINS is the exclusive reseller of Satori Group, Inc's products, solutions, & services to the insurance industry vertical. With over 40 years of experience of implementing and customizing end-to-end BI & CPM solutions for the insurance industry, ExperiINS is able to offer compelling solutions that address industry specific concerns, such as Risk Experience Reporting, Policy Reporting, and Risk & Price Score Cards. Visit http://www.experiins.com to learn more.

Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (project-focused businesses) - As a partner of Deltek, a leading ERP vendor for project-focused businesses, Satori Group, Inc. has been able to leverage our partnership to build solutions that address the needs of organizations that need to be able to look at their business from the prospective of what projects are in progress, what projects do I need to plan resources for, and what project opportunities are available in the future. Drawing on data stored in various modules, Satori Group, Inc. can give you a complete picture of where your revenue is coming from now and in the future.

Legal – LexisNexis is the exclusive reseller of Satori Group, Inc's solutions for Budgeting, Forecasting, & Financial Reporting for the legal industry. Visit http://law.lexisnexis.com/redwood-analytics-budgeting to learn more.

Strategic Planning – The data that comes into your business is the life line to your business and being able to collect, consolidate, analyze, report, and distribute the correct information to the right people can be a daunting challenge. To make things even more complicated, there are numerous vendors, tools, applications, and solutions that claim to be able to help you get what you need. Having a strategic plan for handling your business data is a critical step in the process. Satori Group, Inc. has the expertise in handling data from many diverse systems, documented methodologies, and the solution templates to reference in helping you create a custom strategic plan for your organization.

Project Management – Once you have a plan in place, it is important to having an experienced project manager at the head of your project. Choosing to use a Satori Group, Inc. project manager, ensures that you are getting the benefit of a person that has been involved with numerous Data, BI, and CPM projects and knows what it will take to make your project successful.

Implementation/Staff Augmentation – As the case with many organizations in today's economy, you may not have the human resources needed to complete a BI or CPM solution deployment internally. Satori Group, Inc. can ensure that your mission critical project will be done as quickly as possible with our Data & BI experts working side by side with your limited resources.

Master Data Management (MDM) – Unifying how your data is collected and stored across the entire organization can save you time and money. Having a process to cleanse and maintain data can ensure clean, reliable information can be extracted when needed.

Data Integration – ETL (Extract, Transform, & Load) tools are used

Operational Data Store Creation – CONTENT NEEDED

Specialty Application Data Mart Creation – Creating the Data sources to fuel the information needed to Budget, Forecast, Report, or other applications.

Business Intelligence Deployment – CONTENT NEEDED

Rapid Application Deployment - CONTENT NEEDED

Ease-of-use - CONTENT NEEDED

Minimal Training - CONTENT NEEDED